Hi, I’m Dr. Joe James, a psychologist who has been helping people survive infidelity for close to 20 years. Let me first say that I’m very sorry that you’re visiting my site because I know that there are few things more painful and confusing than learning of an affair. It can feel like your whole world has been turned upside down, leaving you filled with questions, more questions, rage, fear, a sense of betrayal and feeling as if you don’t know who to trust or which way to turn.
The good news is that you don’t have to go through this alone. I developed the Surviving Infidelity System site so that people recovering from the shock of learning their partner had an affair had a place to go that offers guidance and support. This is a place where you can find the help you need when you need it, anytime day or night.
Take some time and look around. You’ll see that in addition to my Surviving Infidelity System we offer free special reports, inspirational thoughts for the day, and a resource area full of articles on different topics.
There’s a lot to cover here. I very strongly recommend that you watch my free introductory workshop to answer all of your questions and to provide you with some advice on where to go from here. Click on the banner below, the link in the sidebar to the right, or click here for the free workshop.

After Infidelity: What You Can Expect to Feel

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How do you carry on after infidelity has been discovered? In close to 20 years of working with couples who have struggled with surviving infidelity I can say that there are general patterns that people tend to follow. Its almost like the old Kubler-Ross five stages of death and dying [...]

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Marriage and Infidelity: 3 Tips on Dealing with Anger

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One of the most common emotions people experience in marriage and infidelity is anger. Its important to first have an understanding of what anger really is. If you look at anger from a purely functional perspective its a protective response to a perceived hurt or threat, be it emotional or [...]

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Infidelity Advice: Should We Have Sex?

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One of the topics couples most frequently ask me for infidelity advice on is sexuality. Is it right to have sex after an infidelity? Well, my typical answer is that it depends on how you define sex. For most of us, when we think of sex we think of intercourse. [...]

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Marriage Affair: The Pain of Obsessive Thinking Pt. 1

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When something traumatic such as a marriage affair happens our brains, being the problem solving machines that they are, look for explanations or ways to make sense out of what has happened. In its quest to find an answer your brain will keep looking and looking for more information to [...]

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Infidelity Protection: Establishing Boundaries

A huge fear of many people in a relationship is the prospect of a partner’s infidelity. We have all seen depictions of cheating, and the emotional upheaval it causes for the other partner, in movies, books, and magazines. Many of us have also weathered a spouse or significant other’s infidelity, [...]

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