How to Get Over Cheating: 5 Ways a Recovery Course Can Help

1.  Develop a Get Over Cheating Road Map  Getting over cheating can leave you feeling lost in the woods. There are so many issues to deal with that it can feel overwhelming. In addition to getting over the shock, hurt and betrayal there are often long standing problems  that were there before the infidelity became known. These issues can include alack of intimacy, anger management issues within the relationship, problems communicating. My surviving infidelity system will help you to develop a road map to sort your problems out and point you in the right direction.

2. Understand One Another.  The number one reason a person, either male or female, has an affair is a loss of connection and intimacy within the relationship. After all, why be a couple if you don’t have intimacy and connection. Your friends oftentimes feel closer to you than your partner.  In the vast majority of couples there is no “bad guy” – you are both right in some ways and both wrong in some ways.  The blame can usually be spread to about 50-50. My surviving infidelity system teaches you how to better function as a team and how to reconnect and trust one another again.

3. How to Really Communicate. Most couples get stuck in power struggles because they focus on the concrete – who did this, who did that.  This is  not a collaborative approach – itss really about trying to prove that you are right and to win the argument.  Do this enough and you may win a lot of arguments but lose the relationship.   My surviving infidelity system can teach you in a step by step fashion  to talk about  the real issues – its not about the concrete problem (e.g. who does the dishes) but what it really means to you deep down inside (e.g I don’t feel valued or I feel controlled).

4. Avoid Common Mistakes. There  is an almost predictable pattern that couples recovering from infidelity experience. My surviving infidelity system assists you to identify and avoid these mistakes going forward.

5. Recognize Your Strengths Even though it may not feel much like it to you at times, your relationship has a number of strengths or you wouldn’t still be together.  Usually when one of you has had an affair its a sign that you’ve  lost sight of those strengths. Simply rediscovering them can help improve things. My surviving infidelity system shows you in an easy to follow, step by step way to do a number of very simple things that take only minutes to do that will strengthen and rebuild the bond you felt when you first fell in love.

When I asked how to get over cheating, I often say its not easy but following these 5 steps can be a good start.

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