Marriage Affair: The Pain of Obsessive Thinking Pt 2

In a previous article I discussed how one of the more common reactions to a marriage affair is obsessive thinking. The article described how, in an effort to find a solution to a painful situation in which a logical solution does not exist, your brain goes into a loop that leads to obsessive thinking. This article will briefly touch on ways to cope with obsessive thinking, while part 3 will go into exact detail.

Well, for one thing know that eventually you will be able to talk about this in a way that will bring you a sense of understanding. You can find detailed information on when and how to talk about the affair in more detail in my Surviving Infidelity System program.

However, now, in the immediate aftermath of learning of an infidelity, is not the time to talk about the marriage affair in any depth. You are feeling too much shock and hurt for you to be able to really absorb anything more than the knowledge that your partner had a marriage affair. The key here is to realize that there is no answer, that you need to be patient and let time work its magic.

In short, what I’m trying to say is that to be able to have the kind of talk and find the peace of mind you are looking for you first have to able to learn how to control your thoughts and your emotions. Also, a little bit of time needs to pass for the wound of the marriage affair to scab over enough for you to be able to talk about it without reopening it.

But just how do you learn to control yourself and be patient when your mind is reeling from the shock of learning of an infidelity? Find the answer by watching my free surviving infidelity workshop.

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